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Features and Functionalities

  1. Auto Telco routing services (MNP Supported*) if you have more than 1 SIM Cards.

  2. 2-ways SMS (Incoming and outgoing SMS).
    1. Outgoing SMS delivery status available

  3. Powerful messaging system, support the following messaging types.
    1. Normal Text Message.
    2. Flash SMS - Direct Display SMS.
    3. Unicode Message (Arabic, Chinese, Thai ...).
    4. Blinking Message.
    5. Business Card.
    6. MMS (WAP Push).

  4. Powerful SMS Scheduler / Reminder.
    1. Schedule your SMS messages in daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
    2. Use as SMS Reminder to remind for friend's birthday, appointment and so on.
    3. Auto detects your local timestamp.

  5. Personal phone book available to all users.
    1. Allow import & export contacts using CSV file.

  6. SMS Personalization.
    1. Insert customer name or other information into each SMS for bulk.

  7. New E-Mail Notification.
    1. Receive SMS notification when you have new E-Mail in your email account.
    2. Support POP3, and IMAP Server Type.

  8. Text to Speech.
    1. Convert text to voice, and then deliver the voice file over MMS (WAP Push).

  9. Incoming SMS Rules.
    1. Set auto reply back to Sender or auto forwarding to third party recipients.
    2. Save sender contact number into phone book.
    3. Reply Business Card to sender to save your contact into sender's phone.

  10. HTTP API Integration.
    1. Integrate with your existing applications to give SMS features. Such as SMS alert, CRM or ERP system.
    2. Apply your own Auto Reply rules by receiving incoming SMS via HTTP API.

  11. Mobile Number Grabber.
    1. Allow you to grab mobile numbers from a given text from online classifieds or online article.

  12. Multi user accounts.*
    1. An administrator account provided to allow creating unlimited sub users accounts and manage their SMS usage.
*Extra service charge needed.

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