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  1. What is the throughput of your SIM Hosting?
    1 SIM card takes around 6 seconds to send 1 SMS. The throughput is 600 SMS per hour. You can have more than 1 SIM card to increase the throughput. For example: if you have 3 SIM cards, then your throughput is 1800 SMS per hour.
  2. How much time required for your company to setup my SIM hosting?
    We will deliver the SIM Hosting service within 24 hours once received your SIM card(s).

  3. What is the maximum number of SIM cards supported by your system?
    We have tested 60 SIM cards hosted in 1 account and all SIM cards working without problems. If you have more than 60 SIM cards wanted to host with us, we provide 30 days money back guarantee, therefore you do not need to worry about higher volume SIM hosting in our site.

  4. Do I need to provide GSM modem to your company?
    No, only SIM card will do, our company will get ready the GSM modem for your SIM card.

  5. How do your company help us to save on SMS cost?
    Our system will auto route your SMS through the lowest rate operator(s). Therefore, you will enjoy the lowest SMS rate.

  6. Do you charge for incoming SMS?
    No, we do not charge for both incoming and outgoing SMS. You need to settle the phone bill from your SIM operator for the outgoing SMS.

  7. If I am using Prepaid SIM card, how do I reload credits or check credits balance?
    There is a feature in our system to check balance or reload credits for your Prepaid SIM card. Or you can contact our support operator to check balance or reload credits for you.

  8. What are the processes to apply for SIM hosting service?
    Only 3 steps -
    i) Fill in the application form, then fax to us.
    ii) Send us your SIM card.
    iii) Make payment ?ˇěC Direct Bank in or Bank cheque.
    Once we have received your order, your SIM hosting service will be ready within 24 hours.

  9. What are the charges for the SIM hosting service?
    There are 2 charges
    i) First time setup fees (per SIM card). Only 1 time.
    ii) Monthly hosting fees (6 months in advance).
    iii) WebSMS System (similar to www.BulkSMS2u.com), charge per SMS submitted.

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