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What is SIM Hosting?

SIM Hosting is a service where by your SIM Card is located in our data centre and running 24x7 without having your own computer / server or GSM device.

Your will be given a Web Application to access your incoming SMS and outgoing SMS remotely anytime anywhere through internet connections.

Why SIM Hosting?

  1. Minimum setup and maintenance cost for multiple SIM cards.
  2. Enjoy lowest SMS rates in the market.
  3. 24x7 up and running system provided.
  4. 2-ways SMS ??C Send and receive SMS to your own numbers.
  5. Escape spam filtering system from Telco.

How can it really help us?

  • Do mobile marketing or promotion campaign.
  • Perform personalized SMS broadcasting.
  • Deliver time-critical enterprise information to mobile employees.
  • Integrate with your existing system to give SMS features, SMS alert, CRM or ERP.
  • Make your mobile phone as remote control of your PC.
  • Use as SMS Reminder / SMS Alert System.
  • Use as Customer Helpdesk System.
  • Keep alerted when there is an important email received.
  • Very much time saving compare to typing SMS using hand phone.
  • Update your customers for new contact number by sending business to them.

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